What Are The Health Benefits of Playing Tennis?

Are you bored of the regular workouts and looking for something interesting that challenges your mind and body? Tennis is a great workout which helps in cardio, gaining physical strength as well as keeping your mind alert and active. If you are worried this sport cannot be played all around the year, there are many indoor stadiums where you can play says Sports & Safety Surfaces company. Moreover, it can become a family activity as it is useful for kids as well as adults and help them get away from their gadgets, read www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/special-features/in-depth/summer-school-backyard-games-to-turn-reluctant-kids-into-champion-learners/news-story/5b42da54485b12374aa95978c245289f to know more.
The health benefits of this game are not known to many people as opposed to cycling, swimming or jogging. Many people do not understand that an hour of tennis can burn more than 500 calories and is more efficient than jogging or cycling indoors. The best part is that it provides a significant challenge to your mind too. Listed below are the benefits of playing this game.

Improves your cardiovascular health: Even if you are a terrible player in this game, you are likely to sprint and jump for quite some time. That will increase the heart rate and also provide more oxygen; it can also help absorption of nutrients. Moreover, your body becomes more flexible, and thus your muscles are in better shape to absorb all the nutrients and the oxygen they get. When you continue to play this game, your muscle strength increases and hence you will feel less tired and more active thereby increasing the performance. Due to the playing this game you are less likely to suffer from heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. It can also help in reducing the blood pressure and hence avoids a stroke.

Lose weight: As mentioned earlier, playing a game of tennis for an hour burns close to 500 calories. Moreover, since you are always on the move in this game making some fast direction changes, it will act as a full body workout. It involves running, stretching, jumping, etc. and thus helps in reducing body fat too.

Toned muscles: Playing this game involves a lot of action like starting, stopping, running, bending, stretching, etc. all at different speeds. Due to this varied movements the muscles in your arms, legs, back, neck, etc. all get a great workout, and hence it improves your core muscle strength. When you play this game regularly, it can act as a strength training regimen apart from helping you lose fat and tone your muscles.

Better mental health: Tennis is not just a physical game, to win you need to think on your feet. You should plan and analyze what needs to be done to win a game and also make quick on the fly decisions. There has to be perfect coordination between your mind and your body, and that is when your game improves. So, there is a great deal of thinking, planning, and strategy involved which keeps your brain active and alert throughout the game and the result is you have improved memory and better learning skills.

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